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Spiders are creepy houseguests. Most of the time, that's all they are, so when you find spiders in your house, you don't need to be fearful. We only have two spiders in Honolulu that are considered a medical threat. They are the brown violin spider and the widow spider. Today, we're going to discuss these different types of spiders that you can find in your Honolulu home, what dangers you can expect from dangerous spiders, and what prevention steps work to get control of spiders.

Types Of Spiders In Honolulu

a black widow spider in its web

There are really only two types of spiders when you get right down to it. There are spiders that stay in your yard and there are spiders that get into your home. An outdoor spider can get inside but it doesn't complete its reproductive cycle indoors. Thankfully, most of the big, scary spiders in Honolulu are outdoor spiders.

Generally, what you're going to see in your home are small spiders. While certainly gross, they don't represent much of a threat. Brown violin spiders can become indoor spiders and can build a population. The good news is that these infestations are rare.

Black (or brown) widow spiders are outdoor spiders. While they can get into your home, they don't prefer to live in your home with you. There is a good chance that a widow spider will simply leave on its own. You can hasten this process by removing interior water sources.

Are Spiders In Honolulu Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

Now that you know a few of the common spiders in our area, it is time to consider spiders and their bites. Many spiders won't bite you, or they have a bite that is only minor. Some spiders have a bite that feels like a pinprick; your typical outdoor spider will have a bite like this. The two spiders to watch out for are the ones we mentioned earlier.

Brown violin spiders have a necrotic venom, like the brown recluse spider. While most bites from these spiders will be minor, and these spiders rarely bite people, you should know that it is a possible danger and that you should seek medical attention if bitten. These bites can cause damage but they are not considered life-threatening.

Black (or brown) widow spiders are the worst threat in the state, but they're not common spiders here. In most cases, you won't be exposed to these spiders and their bites while you're on your property or in your home. If you do see a black widow spider, or its web, contact a licensed professional to have the spider issue dealt with as quickly as possible. This is the only life-threatening spider in our area, but there hasn't been a death from one of these spiders in decades.

Five Natural Spider Prevention Tips For Honolulu Homes

There are many ways to naturally control spiders. Each won't work for all spiders. We'll let you know when a tip is specific to a certain spider.

  1. All spiders get into homes through tiny gaps, holes, and cracks. They don't make entry points. That means you can have a lot of success in keeping them out if you take the time to seal potential points of entry such as gaps around exterior doors, gaps around utilities, holes in wood, damaged screens, and unprotected vents.
  2. Spiders often create egg sacs in their webs. When you actively remove webs, you actively work to reduce the number of spiders around your home. This naturally works to limit entry and reduce the number of sightings on the inside of your home.
  3. Black widow spiders are outdoor spiders. They don't prefer to be inside your home. But you can have trouble with black widow spiders and several other types of spiders when you have stacked wood near your exterior, such as dead branches, campfire wood, and construction materials. Remove these wood sources or move them away from your exterior to make it less likely that these dangerous spiders will get into your home.
  4. Before outdoor spiders accidentally become indoor spiders, they're attracted to your exterior by food sources. Spiders eat insects, such as flies. If you want to reduce spiders, you need to work to reduce insects. Keep trash in covered containers and keep containers free of strong odors. Address moisture problems, such as clogged gutters. Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights. Yellow is not detectable to insects.
  5. If you have spiders in your house, they're going to need water. When you address leaking faucets and other interior plumbing issues, this can have a big impact on spider activity, particularly wolf spiders.

The Best Control For Spiders & Their Pest Prey In Honolulu

Spider control is a process. There is no silver bullet. If you're dealing with a spider infestation, the best solution is to contact a trusted pest control provider. At Pest Tech Hawaii, we employ highly-trained residential pest control professionals that have extensive experience with common spiders in Honolulu. We can help you diagnose your problem and select an appropriate solution. Reach out to us today for help.

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