How To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your Honolulu Home For Good!

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Ants work overtime to make your property a place they can call home, too. But at Pest Tech Hawaii, we work even harder to evict these insects before they can settle in. We provide the most effective pest control in Honolulu to eliminate ant infestations to get you back to the pest-free living you deserve.

Life Cycle And Diets Of Common Ants

There are four stages in the life cycle of most ants: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The entire development process from egg to adult can take several weeks to a few months. The timeframe is heavily contingent upon the environment and the species. Once an ant has reached the adult phase, it will never grow any larger as its exoskeletons prevent them from enlarging. 

Also, ants are omnivores, which means they eat everything. In nature, ants feed on various fruits, the sap from plants, the milk of aphids, other insects and their eggs, and even living or dead invertebrates. However, once they’ve invaded your home, their menu automatically expands to include an assortment of meats, sweets, fats, and animal foods. Thus, they eat everything you do. Ants will also consume insects they find. 

Contact your local pest management company if you’ve encountered ants in your home. They have the resources to provide the most advanced ant control solutions for your property.  

The Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In Your Home

Ants left to run freely throughout your home can cause various problems. These insects are social creatures that build extensive colonies in the hundreds of thousands. That many ants inside your home can potentially destroy your interiors over time. Carpenter ant damage can result in costly repairs to wooden structures, such as your home’s beams, columns, and flooring. Ants’ tiny size easily allows them access to the teeniest crevice or opening. 

And keep a close watch over your kitchen. Ants can crawl into unsecure food packaging, contaminating whatever they can access in your pantry. Some ant species are dangerous to people and their pets, like fire ants. These ants can inflict painful stings that result in intense burning—considering all the problems ants can cause, get in contact with professionals who specialize in eliminating ants in Honolulu.

Five Eco-Friendly Ant Prevention Tips For Around The House

Prevention is the key to stopping an ant infestation before it becomes a major headache. And before you think you must exert a lot of energy to live in a pest-free environment, you don’t. All it takes is making some simple changes and being consistent with your efforts. Look at our five non-toxic tips for simple ant control in your house:

  1. Store uneaten food in tightly-sealed containers. 
  2. Dry up excess moisture, like water droplets or damp spots.
  3. Pile your firewood, logs, and lumber away from your home’s exterior. 
  4. Repair drippy or leaky sprinklers, plumbing, or pipes. 
  5. Remove your trash before it gets too full, and secure bags and lids tightly.

Even though you can implement preventative measures at any point, ensure your home is free of ants or other pests beforehand. If you’ve noticed insect activity in or around your home, contact your local ant control for further assistance.

Contact The Professionals About Total Ant Control For Your Home

An ant infestation in your home is not a matter to take lightly. It’s also not a problem; you should attempt to handle yourself. If you want to quickly rid your home of ants, partnering with pest management professionals is the way to go. They have the knowledge as well as the latest tools of the trade to make sure to eradicate any infestation successfully.

At Pest Tech Hawaii, we take an integrated approach to effective ant control, thoroughly assessing each situation before developing an action plan that best suits the customer’s specific needs.

Our highly-trained technicians use the most up-to-date practices and products for the best outcome, leaving your residence completely pest-free. Contact us today to get your free quote.

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I have been using Pest Tech for the unit I manage and my personal property for the last 3 years. They are always on time, makes sure to follow up before regular service, cost efficient and always friendly.

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