How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Oahu

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Nobody wants to see cockroaches in Oahu, least of all in your home. What do you do if these pests have already found your house? Take some of these simple steps to be sure cockroaches do not stay a problem for you in your Oahu area home.

The Common Cockroach in Oahu

There are four main types of cockroaches found in Hawaii. Two typically remain outdoors but will come into an Oahu home if there are poor weather conditions outside. The German cockroach and brown-banded cockroach are more likely to invade your home.

  • The B-52 Roach: As the name implies, this type of roach will fly right into your face. They are also the largest type of roach on the islands, typically around two inches in length. While often found outdoors, these flying types are infamous in Oahu.
  • Surinam Roach: These brown to black in color pests are typically found outdoors, tunneling under your plants and eating yard debris. They are also a significant danger to those with chickens, as they carry a disease that can potentially blind them.
  • The German Cockroach: This type of roach is typically an indoor pest seeking food and water sources from humans. They thrive in a home environment, feasting on food waste. They are about one inch in length. They easily travel between walls to infest entire buildings, such as hotels or condominiums. 
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach: These roaches also thrive indoors in tropical environments. They are far less common than the German variety, as a parasite nearly ended the pests' existence on Oahu. They earn their name from the brown band across their abdomen. 

No matter the variety, cockroaches are a tough pest to get rid eliminate. Some species can thrive past extermination, as eggs can hatch after an extermination attempt. The cockroach is a formidable pest in Oahu, which brings problems bigger than disgusting scares.

The Dangers of Cockroaches

While most agree they are repulsive to look at, few may know that cockroaches aren't just "gross." They also are a danger to humans, as they carry a wide variety of diseases.

Oahu cockroaches carry salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli. 

Because they thrive in warm, humid, and unhygienic conditions, the cockroach picks up pathogens in the dirtiest of spaces and brings those into your Oahu home.

Tips To Prevent Cockroach Infestations in Oahu Homes

Cockroaches aren't picky when it comes to infesting homes. They will invade clean and dirty homes alike. However, there are some cockroach control measures you can take to help avoid an infestation: 

  • Identify and seal entry points: Cockroaches can enter a home through very narrow spaces. Inspect your house for accessible entry points, such as doorways, windows, vents, basements, and attics. Seal all visible cracks and open spaces to remove points of entry for the cockroach.
  • Remove waste and debris: Keeping your yard and home free from clutter and debris is another proven way to ensure you are not attracting cockroaches. These pests will eat waste and inhabit your trash, so be sure to frequently remove it from the property.
  • Address any moisture issues: Cockroaches love warm, wet environments. If your home has damp spaces, lessen your risk for pests by sealing them tightly. Fill any cracks or water entry points. Add dehumidifiers to wet spaces. Use fans or towels to dry any spaces immediately that become moist due to weather.
  • Store food and trash wisely: Cockroaches come to your home for food and shelter. Eliminate the easy access to food by storing it in sealed containers or canisters. Remove trash, especially food waste, from the home frequently—store trash inside and out in sealed, durable containers with a lid to prevent infestation.

Though you may do anything you can to prevent a roach problem, there are likely many more hidden throughout your home if you see one. If you find yourself dealing with cockroaches, it's best to partner with a professional. 

Leave It To The Professionals

It is nearly impossible to get rid of cockroaches on your own. The pest control professionals at Pest Tech Hawaii know how to get the job done and prevent these pests from ever coming back to your home.

Due to their resistance to treatment and their ability to hatch eggs even after extermination, a persistent team of professionals should assist with removal. Pest Tech Hawaii will create a plan and conduct follow-up treatments as needed to ensure your cockroach problem is gone for good.

Pest Tech Hawaii combines over a century of control experience to ensure your Oahu home is safe from cockroaches. Reach out to us today to learn more about our recurring home pest control options for all the different types of pests in Oahu!

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