Roach Removal 101: What It Takes To Eliminate Cockroaches In Your Oahu Home

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Cockroach control in Oahu is one of the most important things you, as a local homeowner, can do to preserve your safety and peace of mind—Oahu’s climate and setting work with cockroaches’ natural tendencies to make them a significant area pest. Roaches breed fast, get into everything, and fit through small spaces. Thus, if you own a home in Oahu, it is a matter of time before they will come to pay you a visit. 

Pest Tech Hawaii commands over 130 years of combined pest control experience, and we’ve been serving the needs of area residents for a long time. If you have a roach problem, you need a PTH solution. Call us today, and let us make you another satisfied customer. We know all about cockroach pest control in Oahu.

Understanding The Cockroach Problem: Identifying The Culprits

Cockroaches are insects with wide, flat, oval-shaped bodies and antennae that are much longer than others and range from ½ to 2 inches long. They are reddish-brown to black; brown-banded cockroaches are tan, with two light-colored bands running across their backs.

Cockroaches in Oahu have wings, but they do not fly well. However, they run fast for their size and can detect danger from a surprising distance away. They are primarily nocturnal and tend to hide during the daytime. They prefer hiding in dark places.

PTH can identify roach infestations and make them disappear. Get with us today.

Health Risks: Cockroaches Spread Disease And Trigger Allergies

Roaches are curious by nature. They will explore sewers, garbage, and carcasses as willingly as they will explore your home. When roaches explore these areas, they may become exposed to salmonella, streptococcus, E. coli, and staphylococcus. If roaches explore these areas and make their way into your home, they can track them onto your counters, floors, furniture, and dinnerware. You can later come into contact with them without ever seeing a roach.

Don’t risk your family’s health and safety on cockroaches. PTH knows cockroach pest control. Contact us today for help.

Effective Ways To Keep Roaches Out: Essential Prevention Measures

The best pest control for cockroaches is not having to deal with them in the first place. Here are some tips for decreasing your chances of having to deal with cockroaches:

  • Seal garbage: Roaches are attracted to exposed garbage. Tightly sealing it can help decrease your chances of encountering them.

  • Eliminate clutter: Pests of all types are attracted to clutter. Eliminating clutter outside can discourage roaches from coming and staying.

  • Seal your home: Small openings in your home are big opportunities for roaches to come inside and explore. Carefully sealing your home can help keep roaches out.

  • Clean your house: Dirty floors and counters can offer roaches a snack. They don’t need much to live on and will stay. Regularly cleaning your home is a great way to discourage cockroaches.

These tips can help decrease your chances of dealing with cockroaches, but they are everywhere in Hawaii and may still come to visit you. If they do, PTH wants to go, too, to get rid of them. Get in touch with us today because we are your local cockroach control experts.

Professional Cockroach Extermination: When To Call The Experts

Cockroach extermination in Oahu can be complex and difficult depending on the nature of the infestation and the design of your home. DIY techniques are often ineffective and fail to control the roaches, allowing them to survive and thrive. The best thing to do when you discover a cockroach problem is to let us help you get rid of it. Call Pest Tech Hawaii today. We know all about cockroach extermination.

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