The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Honolulu Yard

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Mosquitoes: Habits And Behaviors Of The Little Fly

The word mosquito means ‘little fly’ in Spanish, and this is why mosquitoes can be such a pest. They need blood to reproduce, and yours suits them well. Mosquitoes hunt for hosts by using their keen sense of smell. They can detect you from a long way away and can easily fly in your direction until they find you. Moving away from an area where mosquitoes are biting you won’t help for long, because the mosquitoes will be able to follow your scent and fly over for another meal.

The best way to keep mosquitoes away is to let Pest Tech Hawaii help you. We know mosquito control and pride ourselves on our history of helping areas residents deal with mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Are The Deadliest Animals In The World

Mosquitoes in Honolulu feed by landing on a host and piercing its skin with a needle-like appendage, which it then uses to suck blood. As it feeds, it injects its saliva into the host in order to keep the blood from thickening, and this is why mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animal that you can encounter. If a mosquito feeds on a host infected with a dangerous pathogen, it can become infected. It can later spread the disease as it feeds on other hosts by literally injecting the pathogen into them. Because of their ability to efficiently spread dangerous pathogens, mosquitoes cause millions of human deaths per year, and hundreds of millions of non-fatal disease episodes.

Mosquitoes can make your yard almost impossible to enjoy. If you need help with mosquitoes, contact Pest Tech Hawaii. We are the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Natural Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Given that mosquito infestations can place your family at risk of serious diseases, here are some ways to decrease your chances of having to deal with mosquitoes around your Honolulu yard:

  • Eliminate standing water: Three of the four mosquito life stages require water, and mosquitoes only need a little to breed. In fact, they can make do with even a capful of water. Eliminating standing water sources in your yard can deprive mosquitoes of breeding opportunities. 
  • Trim bushes and hedges: Mosquitoes are attracted to bushes and hedges, especially when they are overgrown because they can shelter in the shade these plants offer. Keeping bushes and hedges trimmed back reduces harborage areas and discourages mosquitoes from sheltering on your property.
  • Keep your grass mowed: Mosquitoes also like sheltering in tall grass. Routinely mowing your lawn, coupled with keeping your bushes and hedges trimmed, can help reduce mosquito populations around your home. 
  • Use repellents: Mosquitoes can detect hosts very effectively using their excellent sense of smell, but using mosquito repellants presents mosquitoes with smells that they don’t like. Mosquitoes will move away from these smells and you won’t have to deal with them.
  • Avoid mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are the most active at dawn and dusk. Avoid being outside at these times to greatly reduce your exposure to mosquitoes and the problems they bring. 
  • Wear long clothing: Mosquitoes feed well on bare skin but can struggle to get through clothing. Wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs can make it a lot harder for mosquitoes to effectively bite you.

Finally, if you have mosquito problems, you need mosquito solutions. Pest Tech Hawaii knows how to get rid of mosquitoes. Contact us today for help.

The Best Mosquito Prevention And Control For Your Yard

If you are struggling with mosquitoes in your Honolulu yard, Pest Tech Hawaii can help. Our seasoned professionals know the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes outside. Call us today for help with any mosquito problem and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Honolulu. You will be glad you did.

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