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When you step outside into your yard, how long does it take for mosquitoes to start pestering you? A minute? A few seconds? The first thing you should know about keeping mosquitoes away from your yard is that the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mostly mosquitoes that live in your yard. That's why they can get to you so fast. They come out of hiding when you come out of your home, particularly in the morning or in the evening. The secret to keeping mosquitoes away from your yard is in understanding why mosquitoes want to live on your Oahu property in the first place.

Stagnant Water

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When a female mosquito moves from one yard into another, the most important thing on her mind is where she can lay her eggs. Most mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. In the water, the eggs hatch into wrigglers (larvae), develop into tumblers (pupae), and eventually emerge from the water as adult mosquitoes. The last thing you want to do is provide a stagnant water resource for mosquitoes because not only will they attract female mosquitoes, those female mosquitoes can lay a hundred eggs at a time. That's a lot of mosquitoes!

Moisture Control Tips

  • A clogged gutter or a break in a gutter system can lead to perimeter oversaturation and the formation of puddles. If puddles persist for more than a week, mosquitoes may have the time to hatch and develop into adults. But the real concern with a clogged gutter is the puddle that can form in that high, out-of-view, location. It only takes ½ an inch of water for mosquitoes to develop.
  • Objects that collect rainwater and hold it for a week are perfect for reproduction. While a bucket, bowl, or cup are likely candidates, these are far from the only objects that can hold enough water to allow mosquitoes to breed. Remove these objects or pour the water out to prevent mosquito development.
  • Some stagnant water resources are difficult to address, such as bird feeders or ponds. If you have a stagnant water resource, you can install a circulation pump to get the water moving, or have a pest professional introduce larvicide to arrest mosquito development. 

Mosquito Food

If you think that blood is what mosquitoes feed on, you should know that this is actually not the case. Only females feed on blood. They do this for the purpose of getting what they need for reproduction. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and plant sap for general sustenance. The more vegetation you have in your yard, the more mosquitoes you're going to have pestering you.

  • If you make the effort to remove flowery weeds from your landscaping, you can reduce a key food source for mosquitoes.
  • If you remove unnecessary plants, you can deprive mosquitoes of plant sap to feed on.

Organic Debris

Mosquitoes spend most of their time in hiding. Their preference is to hide in landscape vegetation, but organic debris is a close second. Here are a few tips to help you remove attractive hiding places for mosquitoes:

  • Bag and remove leaves and fronds from your property rather than leaving them in piles.
  • Cut your grass frequently enough to avoid having to collect grass clippings into piles.
  • Keep tall, uncut grassy areas away from the exterior of your home.
  • Keep your landscaping trim, neat, and dry. 

Bug Zappers

Do you have an electronic bug zapper? This could be what is attracting mosquitoes to your property. Zappers are great for attracting mosquitoes, but not effective at killing the mosquitoes that bite. Studies have shown that few female mosquitoes are found in bug zappers.

Why Mosquitoes Stay On Your Property

When mosquitoes hatch, you would think that they would just go wherever they feel like going. But they tend to stay in the area where they hatch because females look for the males in order to reproduce, and the males live for only about ten days (you know they're not looking to take a long trip).

Male and female mosquitoes tend to roam around in an area of about 300 feet. This isn't an unbreakable rule, but it is generally the case. So, when a female mosquito comes into your yard and lays a few hundred eggs, those mosquitoes are likely to stay in your yard and drive you crazy every time you go outside.

You Don't Have To Live With Mosquitoes In Oahu

The best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard is to invest in mosquito control services. A professional can apply an EPA-approved product to your landscaping and other key areas that works to eliminate mosquitoes and other insect pests through the use of insect growth regulators. Reach out to Pest Tech Hawaii today to learn more about mosquito control or to schedule home pest control for your Oahu property.

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