Pest Control In Kailua, HI

Effective Pest Control In Kailua, HI

Kailua is a town that is situated on the eastern shore of Oahu and overlooks some of the area's most scenic beaches. It’s home to the famous Pillbox Hike as well as preserves, golf courses, and other trailheads. Living in Kailua also gives residents access to lots of beloved local businesses like breweries, markets, and burrito joints. Living in Kailua is like an oasis in and of itself. But even paradise encounters pest problems from time to time.

At Pest Tech Hawaii, we provide effective pest control in Kailua so that homeowners are never left to deal with these issues on their own. As a locally owned business, everything that we do is driven by aloha. Our entire team embodies the feeling of compassion, affection, and neighborliness, and we are also a highly qualified team that is fully licensed and insured and always up to date on the latest services. For more information on protecting your home from pests, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Kailua, HI

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When you live in Kailua, daily life can seem like a dream. However, when pests threaten the place you love most, life can feel more like a nightmare. At Pest Tech Hawaii, we provide pest control in Kailua so that you never have to worry about pests again. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business that is driven by compassion and care. Our team is licensed and certified, and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Our desire is to create safer, healthier, and happier homes, which is why we customize all of the services we provide. When you call us, we’ll perform a highly detailed inspection of the complete interior and exterior of your home. We’ll understand how pests are accessing your property and the factors that are responsible for luring them. Some of the services we might use include knocking down wasp nests and spider webs, using dust treatments for cracks, and creating an exterior barrier. We typically recommend quarterly or bi-monthly services to keep pests away for good. To learn more about our Kailua residential pest control offerings, please call us today.

Cockroach Control Solutions For Kailua Homeowners

Cockroaches are a common pest problem for Kailua homeowners, but with a few simple steps, they don’t have to be:

  • Start with moisture: One thing that cockroaches can’t live without is water, so it’s important to fix leaks and moisture accumulation first. Install dehumidifiers where they’re needed and eliminate drainage issues.
  • Keep a clean house: Cockroaches are also attracted to food, no matter what form it comes in, so homeowners will want to clean their properties often. This should entail being diligent about trash removal, disinfecting, and doing the dishes. 
  • Seal off gaps: To keep cockroaches out of the house, apply caulk to gaps where the foundation meets the ground and to any other cracks. 
  • Be aware of food storage: To further reduce cockroach attraction, never keep food in its original packaging; rather, use sealed containers. 
  • Hire a pro: Cockroach problems can be very difficult to eliminate once they’ve developed, so consider professional cockroach prevention in Kailua from an expert. 

For more information on cockroach control in Kailua, call Pest Tech Hawaii today. 

How To Identify Drywood Termites In Kailua

Drywood termites are a very common problem for Kailua homeowners that can be responsible for a significant amount of property damage. The swarmers can be easily identified by their long, glistening wings. They also have amber-colored bodies with several sets of legs and a set of front antennae. The worker termite is usually a shade of cream and is wingless. They have tube-shaped bodies with both a set of small pincers and thin antennae.

The soldier drywood termite is much larger than the worker and is often a mixture of cream and brown in its coloring. Their front pincers are more pronounced and they also have long, straight antennae. For more information on drywood termite control in Kailua, call Pest Tech Hawaii today!

Why Rodent Control Is Necessary For Kailua Homes

Professional rodent control in Kailua is one of the best investments that homeowners can make in both their health and their property. Rodents are very sneaky and persistent pests that are difficult to prevent for a variety of reasons. They can fit through almost any opening that they find, are drawn into homes by the slightest allure of food, and can also use sewer systems. Professional services will address all of the entry points that rodents could potentially use in sustainable ways. These services can help eliminate active rodent infestations while actively preventing new ones.

If homeowners have encountered an infestation, help from a professional is the swiftest way to eliminate it. Rodents can hide in walls, basements, and crawl spaces, which makes them hard to access. And because they reproduce between six and eight times a year, infestations can become quite large. Simply put, there is no replacement for the knowledge, training, and tools that a professional has, no matter the situation. For more information on rodent control, call Pest Tech Hawaii today.

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We use pest tech for our termite treatment and pest control. Great termite treatment crews and super quick and efficient pest control.  They have the most competitive pricing and not over priced.

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