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We love living here in Hawaii, and Wahiawa is one of our favorite hubs. This area provides many opportunities for homeowners. One of the only downsides is the pests that regularly cause locals trouble. Thankfully, there are great options available to control these problematic species.

Take some time today to research residential pest control in Wahiawa and discover an option to find your pest freedom. Call Pest Tech Hawaii now for direct information about our services. Let us answer questions you have about pest control in Wahiawa and find a treatment that will best meet your need. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more.

Residential Pest Control In Wahiawa

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With so many beautiful sights across Hawaii, it is sometimes hard to stay home. When you do stay home, however, it is good to be safe and comfortable. Pests make this difficult. Many dangerous, annoying, and destructive species call our island home. These problematic invaders can threaten you, your home, and your sanity.

To deal with pest life, flies, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, and rodents, consider investing in residential pest control. This is an amazing way to avoid the many serious issues local species bring indoors. To learn more about our pest control offerings, give our team a call. We will answer questions you have about our services and find a treatment time that best works with your schedule. 

Cockroaches Spread Dangerous Pathogens In Your Wahiawa Home

Many pests look creepy but are not a direct threat to human health. Cockroaches are an exception. These pests are terrifying to look at and pose a serious risk to locals here in Wahiawa.

German cockroaches alone are able to spread over 33 harmful bacteria, seven human pathogens, and six parasitic worms. That is a lot of ways for you and your family members to get sick. Another serious problem that comes with roaches is the threat of asthma attacks and breathing problems. These problems arise as roach droppings and shed skin get into the air and act like dust.

If you are looking for a way to remove these pests from your home or are seeking a long-term prevention plan to stop them from invading, we have your options at Pest Tech Hawaii. Just give us a call to learn more and to make an appointment for your Wahiawa home and property. 

How Can I Prevent Future Drywood Termite Infestations In My Wahiawa House?

If you recently dealt with a drywood termite infestation, you understand how troublesome these pests are. This understanding might make you want to seek answers to keep these pests out in the future. We are all about helping you do this.

Drywood termites and other common species in our area threaten homes. To protect your property from these pests, you need one of two things. The first option is a yearly termite inspection. If timed around termite season, when these pests are most likely to spread, this service can help us identify threats early before they become a huge problem indoors. This, although reasonably priced, does not completely protect your home.

For this, you need professional year-round termite control. This is just one service we offer at Pest Tech Hawaii. Let us pay you a visit to inspect your home, identify termite nests on your property, and install lasting treatments to protect your investments. Talk with our team today to better understand our termite control and find a treatment time that will work for you and your Wahiawa property. 

Tips And Tricks To Prevent Rodents Around Your Wahiawa Property

Some people love rodents. Others hate these furry creatures. We believe rodents can make good pets if kept inside a cage. The second these animals are given freedom; however, they become a serious problem. If you do not want wild rodents crawling around inside your home, here are some tips and tricks to keep these pests out:

  • Seal any and all gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are not damaged and sealed properly. 
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors; clean their bowls after every meal.
  • Store all pet food, leftovers, and pantry items inside air-tight containers.
  • Thoroughly clean your home at least once a week and do your best to keep up with general chores.
  • Address moisture issues like leaky piping and damaged gutters.
  • Make sure your chimney has a rodent-proof cap.

If you are currently dealing with rodents inside your Wahiawa home, do not worry. Pest Tech Hawaii is here to help. Our team offers a range of effective strategies to identify, remove, and prevent these nasty little critters. All you have to do is give us a call. We will work out the details and find a quick solution to these furry pests.

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We use pest tech for our termite treatment and pest control. Great termite treatment crews and super quick and efficient pest control.  They have the most competitive pricing and not over priced.

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