Bed Bugs In Oahu: What They Are And How To Control Them

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Bed bugs are a common pest throughout the United States, and they can even be found as far away from the mainland as Hawaii. These pests are some of the most difficult to identify and get rid of. Their small size and speedy reproduction make them one of the worst pests that a homeowner can encounter.

Luckily, there are ways to eliminate bed bugs, and one of the best ways is to contact a professional pest control company like Pest Tech Hawaii. We’re long-time experts in Oahu pest control, and you can count on us to help you get rid of bed bugs or any other pest you might be dealing with. 

The Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug 

Before we talk about bed bug control, let’s discuss the life cycle of a bed bug. Bed bugs in Oahu are nocturnal insects that feed on humans while they are sleeping. Adults are usually reddish-brown in color with a flat, oval shape to their bodies. All bed bugs begin their lives as tiny eggs laid by a female bed bug, which can lay up to five eggs a day. These eggs are usually no bigger than two grains of salt.

In two weeks or less, the eggs hatch, and bed bug nymphs emerge. These are shaped like adults but are a yellowish-white color and are much smaller. They molt five times before they become fully-fledged adults, growing in size and darkening in color each time. Once they reach the adult stage, they are ready to continue the cycle by producing more eggs. Bed bugs generally live for about four to six months. Next, we’ll talk about where to find bed bugs, as they don’t always hide in beds.

Bed Bugs Can Be Found In More Than Just Beds 

While bed bugs do get their name from one of their most common hiding places, there are other areas of your home that you might also find bed bugs in. Besides mattresses, box springs, and bed frames, bed bugs can also be found in couches, clothes, shoes, wall voids, and electrical switch plates.

These pests are also surprisingly common in hotels, schools, and public transportation. Effective bed bug control in Oahu means keeping an eye out for these pests, even in seemingly unlikely locations. 

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Sneak Their Way Into Our Homes 

With all this information in mind, let’s discuss how bed bugs can find their way into our homes. Bed bugs are excellent at traveling. Here are just a few of the ways that bed bugs get into houses: 

  • Hitching rides in bags, boxes, and suitcases
  • Hiding in clothes or shoes
  • By infesting secondhand furniture that is then moved to a new location
  • By congregating in places like hotels, bus stops, and libraries to find potential new hosts 

So what can you do to keep bed bugs out of your home? These pests are extremely elusive, so you’re fighting a losing battle once they’re already inside. The best course of action is to call a professional pest control company like Pest Tech Hawaii. 

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs 

Pest Tech Hawaii has been serving the Oahu area for years. If you need a professional home pest control in Oahu, we’re the company to know.

We work with each customer individually to determine exactly what they need. The quality of our work comes from the strength of our team; we have over 130 years of pest control experience between all of our technicians. Contact Pest Tech Hawaii today to request a free estimate!

Client Review

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Aaron was our contact and was super good at explaining everything to our family. He was available and responded to calls and text messages through the process. The team was able to get the house fumigated super quick from quote to clearing the house to re-enter in under two weeks. Mahalo to the Pest Tech Hawaii team.

Kalani K

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