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Drywood Termite Control In Honolulu, HI

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Protect Your Honolulu Home From Drywood Termites

Living in Hawaii may be a bit like living in paradise, but Hawaii is not without its common pest problems. One of those problems is the high population of termites. Drywood termites thrive in Honolulu, and if they get into your home or business, they will cause serious damage if not eliminated quickly. Unlike other termite species that prefer to infest rotted or water-damaged wood, drywood termites prefer dry, sound wood.

If your home or business has no protection against drywood termites, or if you suspect you have an active infestation, it is vital to contact Pest Tech Hawaii as soon as possible. The sooner a drywood termite infestation is identified and eliminated, the less damage it will cause in your home or business and the less money you will have to spend on repairs.

Drywood Termite Control From Pest Tech Hawaii

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We begin by determining whether or not you have an active drywood termite infestation in your home or business. If you do, we’ll work to identify how widespread the infestation has become; this is important because it gives us the information we need to determine what treatment method will work best to eliminate your infestation. During our inspection, we’ll look for droppings, wood damage, shed wings, and more.


We offer a variety of treatment methods to rid your home of drywood termites and protect it in the future. Using the latest and most effective tools and treatments, we will recommend the best method to meet your needs. Our treatment methods include the following:

  • Drywood termite spot treatments that are ideal for localized infestations
  • Pre-construction soil treatments that are best for protecting homes and businesses right from the start
  • Annual home drywood termite warranties that give you peace of mind year after year
  • Borate treatments for attics that protect your attic from future infestations
  • Tent fumigation that is best for widespread infestations
  • Sentricon® System with Always Active™ that protects your structure 24/7


Many of our treatment options include follow-up services and/or warranties. To learn more about our follow-up services for specific treatment methods, contact us!


The best way to protect your home from drywood termites is by having an annual inspection. An inspection will allow us to identify potential issues before they become a bigger problem. Additionally, we recommend sealing cracks and other points of entry around the home, keeping woodpiles away from your home, and reducing moisture levels to deter termites.

Solutions To Your Drywood Termite Problems

A termite infestation is a serious problem, but you won’t have to worry about any danger to your home or business with Pest Tech Hawaii on your side. Our drywood termite control services deliver the treatments you need for long-lasting solutions. To protect your home or business from drywood termites, contact us today.

Learn more about our home pest control solutions, or learn how we protect Honolulu homeowners from ground termites.

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As a Realtor with At Home Hawaii, I work with Pest Tech on a regular basis. The quotes are always competitive and the people we've been working with have been great. I highly recommend Pest Tech.

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