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Cane Toad Control

All The Cane Toad Control Your Honolulu Home Needs

If you've lived in Hawaii for any amount of time, you know just how frustrating local cane toads have become. These poisonous amphibians are not native to Hawaii and were introduced in the 1930s to remove beetles and other pests growing in sugar cane fields. Now a century later and with far fewer sugar fields, cane toads have amassed into a powerful, poisonous force that harms local flora and fauna alike.

Pest Tech Hawaii recognizes the threat of cane toads around local Honolulu properties and understands the concern they pose to people, pets, and their properties. That's why we heavily invest in solutions that can get these invasive predators out, starting with a state-of-the-art trapping system that removes up to 90% of any population. Just place the trap around your yard, wait for results, and move the box to a new location to catch other toads nearby. There are no batteries required, no mechanisms to reset, and absolutely no specific cleaning tools needed!

You can get started with Cane Catcher technology in two minutes with a simple phone call. Get in touch with Pest Tech Hawaii today to access the world's only touchless cane toad trap for your Honolulu property!

Cane Toad Control From The Team At Pest Tech Hawaii

There are three reasons cane toads are difficult to remove around Honolulu properties. First, these creatures are poisonous and may secrete toxins that are harmful to the people or pets that interact with them. Even if you do catch or corner a cane toad, you will not be able to pick it up without risking your health. 

Second, cane toads are extremely prolific. Female toads can lay up to 30,000 eggs per season, and thanks to Hawaii's temperate climate and lack of predators, many of these will survive to adulthood. 

Finally, cane toads are wary creatures that will avoid people at all costs. Most DIY efforts do little to remove their presence and may even instigate a worsening problem.

Pest Tech Hawaii understands these limitations to an intimate degree. As a locally owned and operated company with decades of combined experience, we knew our customers needed a better way to remove cane toads from their properties. That's why we decided to invest in some of the best technology on the market — the Cane Catcher!

The Cane Catcher is a humane cane toad trap available to property owners in Hawaii. It's the only touchless toad trapping system on the residential pest control market and will specifically attract and dispose of cane toads without risking your health and wellness. The results of the Cane Catcher are field tested; their correct use can remove up to 90% of the cane toad presence around your property, all without forcing you to lift a finger!

Here's what you need to know about these revolutionary cane toad traps:

  • Cane Catchers do not require batteries or chemicals to operate
  • You can move the easy-to-handle box around the yard with minimal cleaning.
  • Non-target species can escape through special exits, leaving cane toads trapped behind.

Once you call the professionals at Pest Tech Hawaii, we will set to work delivering an excellent cane toad removal experience for you and your loved ones. We will supply you with one to four traps depending on your needs, then strategize the best deployment positions for optimal results. For example, we may choose to install your traps near shady areas, dripping A/C lines, or light sources to catch pests fast.

After installing boxes in appropriate areas, it's time to sit back and wait! Cane Catchers can attract toads within a 20-foot radius and quickly trap pests using a mechanism-free process. There are no sharp edges or wires, meaning the trap is more humane than other options, and the touchless disposal and release lets you remove toads from the trap without risking your health. Don't worry - cleaning is minimal! Cane toads love stench, so all you need to do is trap, empty, and repeat.

Protect your property from the threat of cane toads today. Contact Pest Tech Hawaii to learn more about Cane Catcher traps for your Honolulu home.

Pest Tech Hawaii Can Provide Humane Cane Toad Removal In Honolulu

Cane toads are a serious problem here in Honolulu, but at Pest Tech Hawaii, we're bringing the pest control solutions you need you need to get their numbers under control. Our team of professionals makes it easy to get rid of cane toads and the associated health concerns in just a few short weeks, all thanks to the powerful Cane Catcher!

Ready to get started? Feel free to give us a call and chat about Cane Catcher traps, or book a cane toad control service for your local property by submitting an online contact form. We will be happy to provide you with cane toad removal in Honolulu at any time!

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