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Diamond Head is an amazing place to call home. It is known for its incredible views, diverse and lush vegetation, proximity to beaches, and family-friendly atmosphere. 

If you are fortunate enough to call Diamond Head home, you know how great the community is, but you also know that residents have to share outdoor spaces with many kinds of insects, arachnids, and rodents. Sometimes these pests find their way from their natural outdoor habits into Diamond Head yards and homes. 

Partnering with a knowledgeable local pest control professional is essential to successfully eliminate and control unwanted pests. For exceptional pest control in Diamond Head, Hawaii, trust the experts at PTH.

Residential Pest Control In Diamond Head

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When pests invade your home, you want them removed as quickly as possible. Pests can not only make you feel uncomfortable in your house, but they can affect your family’s health and the structural integrity of your home. Living in a safe, healthy, pest-free environment is vital for everyone; unfortunately, pests can create an unhealthy environment. 

Here at PTH, we pride ourselves in understanding that all our customers have unique pest control needs and we work to ensure we meet those needs. Our state’s warm weather makes it a place where pests can survive successfully year-round. Our local experts understand the diverse pest control needs of our region’s residents and will identify and treat the pests in your home. Please call today to learn more about our general or specialty home pest control services or to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

How Fumigation Protects Diamond Head Homes From Pests

Termites and bed bugs are two pests that plague Hawaii homes. An effective treatment option for both species is fumigation. Termites are wood-destroying pests, and bed bugs are biting blood-feeding pests. What they have in common is that they both are difficult to prevent and get rid of in our Diamond Head homes. 

Fumigation is the best treatment option for both insects because they like to hide in our homes' hard-to-reach areas. The fumigation and tenting process ensures the gas we use can penetrate all your home’s nooks and crannies. Our fumigation and tenting process eliminates all stages of the insect’s life cycle, helping to ensure a re-infestation won’t occur.

PTH is here to help you rid your home of unwanted pests in the safest, most effective manner possible. To learn more about our bed bug and termite fumigation process and the basic preparation steps you need to take before treatments, please contact us now.

What Attracts Termites To Diamond Head Homes?

Unfortunately for homeowners in Diamond Head, our warm, humid climate and plentiful vegetation provide the perfect environment for termites to thrive. The best way to guard your Diamond Head homes against these termites is to learn what attracts them to our structures. In our region, we need to worry about two types of termites: ground termites and drywood termites. 

Ground termites prefer to feed on damp, decaying wood. Therefore things that will attract their attention include:

  • Excess moisture

  • Wood-to-soil contact

  • Old or rotting wooden structures

  • Tree stumps

  • Downed trees 

As the worker termites travel searching for new food sources, they can find their way into structures through pieces of wood sitting directly on the ground or cracks in the foundation.

Drywood termites prefer to feed on dry, sound pieces of wood; they regularly infest wooden structures like utility poles, fences, and decks. They can enter our homes on their own, moving through cracks in their exterior or by hitchhiking inside things like wooden flooring, beams, and furniture. 

Keeping termites from finding their way into our homes is challenging and best accomplished with the help of a professional. For the most comprehensive termite control in Diamond Head, contact us at PTH. We are here to help you remove unwanted termites and prevent their presence in the future!

Winning The Battle Against Rodents In Diamond Head

When it comes to rodents, you want to be as proactive as possible. Taking some simple precautions can help prevent rodents from becoming comfortable in your Diamond Head home. 

Some of our most helpful rodent prevention tips include:

  • Exclusion: Regularly inspect your home’s exterior and seal any holes or other openings rodents can use as entrance or exit points.

  • Trash: Never store trash cans or compost next to your home’s exterior. Always place trash bags inside hard-sided, lidded containers.

  • Pet food: Avoid leaving uneaten pet food out for long periods.

  • Food storage: Store your family’s food in the refrigerator or airtight containers and out of the reach of rodents.

  • Harborage sites: Keep your yard and home clear of excess debris and clutter in which rodents can nest and hide. 

In conjunction with the above tips, partner with us at PTH so we can help you not just win the battle but the war against rodents. Through our inspections, customized treatments, rodent control devices, and helpful advice, your rodent problems will be a thing of the past. To learn more about rodent control in Diamond Head and the guarantees we offer, please reach out now.

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We use pest tech for our termite treatment and pest control. Great termite treatment crews and super quick and efficient pest control.  They have the most competitive pricing and not over priced.

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