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Whether you love hiking, amazing views of the coast, or a reef to marvel at, Hauula has it all. Rich in Hawaiian culture and customs, this area embodies the 'real' Hawaii. Unfortunately, humans aren't the only ones looking for an authentic Hawaiian atmosphere to enjoy their time; pests frequently try to make Hauula their home as well. 

When pests attempt to take up residence on your Hauula property, it's time to call on PTH for help. Our locally-owned pest and termite control company offers every comprehensive service you need to protect your property from pests. Our professionals are here to put pest problems in their place like only locals can. 

Here at PTH, we operate by the true meaning of 'Aloha.' We conduct our services in a spirit of love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Our technicians deliver services based on honor, integrity, and respect, making us an integrated, appreciative, and proud part of this community. Put your property in our hands, and you won't have to worry about contamination, health concerns, or pest-related damage. We'll handle pests so you can get back to life in Hauula; all you have to do to start your property's pest control process is contact us. Schedule your appointment for pest control in Hauula, HI, today!

Residential Pest Control In Hauul

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When pests become a problem on your property, call PTH for the best home pest control in Hauula, HI. The process starts with a free inspection and estimates to be as respectful as possible of your time and resources. We're here to help with whatever you need, from emergency pest service solutions to same-day service after you call. We back our services with guarantees, so you'll always get the results you're looking for. 

Our residential pest control process starts with a residential inspection. We'll identify any existing entry points, conducive conditions, hotspots, and signs of pest activity. Once we have a clear understanding of the problem at hand, we'll provide your property with a tailored treatment.

Whether you need our assistance on a one-time, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis, our technicians are here to help. Contact us to get your property's pest control process started today.

Why Cockroaches In Hauula Need Professional Attention

When you see a cockroach on your property, it's time to call on PTH for cockroach control in Hauula, HI. We specialize in treating local properties for the most common species in the area, namely German and American cockroaches. No matter what type of infestation you're dealing with, our roach control experts can take care of them. 

Cockroaches require professional attention due to the significant health concerns and contamination they cause. They spread bacteria and other pathogens and can even transmit various diseases. Instead of dealing with these issues, call on our experts right away. We'll help resolve your cockroach infestation quickly.

Drywood Termites 101: What Hauula Homeowners Need To Know

If you suspect drywood termites are on your Hauula property, you must take action. Drywood termites are incredibly common in this area, making them one of the main adversaries that local homeowners have to deal with. 

Since drywood termites can cause expensive and extensive damage to wooden structures, it's imperative to call for professional termite control in Hauula, HI. Knowing the basics about these common pests is also essential, so we've compiled this quick section with everything you need to know. 

Drywood termites are under an inch long and creamy white to light brown. They have long, narrow, and oval-shaped bodies. This type of termite lives in colonies, sometimes spanning up to 2500 members. Drywood termites prefer infesting dry wood.

Some of the most common signs of drywood termites include the following:

  • Termite swarmers

  • Shed termite wings

  • Termite frass (sawdust-like material)

  • Small, round holes in wood

  • Damage to wooden structures

  • Structural property damage

Call our professionals when you see signs of drywood termites on your property. We'll be out to remedy the issue as quickly as possible, so you won't have to worry about these wood-eating pests any longer. Contact us to get your property's drywood termite control process started today!

Five Tips To Deter Rodents In Hauula

No one wants to deal with a rodent infestation on their property. If you see mice or rats running around or indications they're there, call PCH to schedule an appointment for rodent control in Hauula, HI. We'll get your property rodent-free again in no time. 

Once we've taken care of your current issue, put these five deterrents to use to stop future infestations:

  1. Keep firewood and piles of debris away from your property's structure. 

  2. Seal potential entry points like gaps or holes in your property.

  3. Eliminate sources of moisture on your property.

  4. Store food in tightly sealed, rodent-proof containers.

  5. Store and dispose of trash properly.

With the combination of these tips and our professional services, you can enjoy the rodent-free property you deserve. Call on our trusted team to get your property's rodent control process started today. 

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We use pest tech for our termite treatment and pest control. Great termite treatment crews and super quick and efficient pest control.  They have the most competitive pricing and not over priced.

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