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Being a good neighbor requires more than just letting people borrow a cup of sugar. You also need to prevent pests that will be attracted by that sugar. Community pest problems often start with one property and then spread to other homes. Pests are drawn to human properties because modern civilization provides them with everything they need to survive, so every Iroquois Point property owner needs to take their level of risk seriously. With pest control in Iroquois Point from PTH, you can stop the cycle of pest invasion before it impacts your property or surrounding ones. 

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Residential Pest Control In Iroquois Point

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Many homeowners try to deal with residential pest problems on their own, thinking it will save them money and avoid having to deal with the equipment and personnel of a professional pest control company. 

But DIY rarely works when it comes to pests, and faulty treatment methods can actually cause more problems than they solve. Harmful products can damage your property and lead to negative health effects, just like the pests you’re trying to eliminate. 

If you’re hesitant to turn to experts, PTH is here to assuage your concerns and address your pest problems safely and effectively. Here’s how we help Iroquois Point homeowners deal with their pest issues:

  • Free estimates: We can provide free estimates over the phone after you answer just a few questions about your property size and the types of pests that threaten it. 

  • Friendly and local: We take the spirit of “Aloha” seriously, prioritizing a friendly experience for our customers in this uniquely Hawaiian market. 

  • Comprehensive treatments: We always begin with a thorough inspection of your property, looking for signs of pests and the attractants that brought them to your home in the first place. This allows us to craft a treatment plan that’s actually effective and perfect for your property. 

Let PTH deal with home pest control in Iroquois Point so you can keep your home, and every home on the block, safe from pest infestations.

Professional Disinfection Services In Iroquois Point

Addressing pests themselves is only one aspect of pest control. You also need to address the messes they leave behind and the ones that accumulate in every home and attract future pest infestations.

PTH also offers professional cleaning services that include disinfection and widespread pest treatments that ensure long-lasting protection and overall cleanliness. Here’s how it works: 

  • Preparation: We need the house to be empty while we work, so we always start with thorough communication and preparation with clients to pick the right time for their schedule. 

  • Fogging equipment: We use foggers to evenly disperse treatments so that they permeate your entire house. These treatments are safe for you once you return, and eliminate bacteria and other pathogens that are often left behind by pests. 

  • Disinfection application: We also directly disinfect contaminated surfaces around your home, and prioritize high-activity spaces and items throughout your home. 

Don’t just stop at getting rid of pests themselves; take care of the nasty germs they leave behind by turning to PTH for disinfection services in Iroquois Point today. 

Why Every New Home In Iroquois Point Needs A Termite Inspection Report

Every homeowner should take their risk of termites seriously. By the time people notice termite damage, a colony has likely been growing on their property for weeks or months, chewing through structural woods and posing long-term consequences for their home. New homeowners, especially, need to know that this hidden damage hasn’t already accumulated. 

This is why all local residents should get termite inspections in Iroquois Point. Professionals know how to spot the early signs of termite activity or factors that increase your risk of an infestation in your yard or home. Even if termites aren’t already a problem, PTH can provide treatments and other pest control methods to make sure your home is properly protected. 

Get started today by contacting PTH for a termite inspection report for your Iroquois Point home. 

Why Cane Toads Can Be A Problem Around Iroquois Point

Cane toads are the ultimate example of a pest that was introduced to our region to address one problem, only to lead to more significant problems of their own. Cane toads were brought to Hawaii to manage the destructive insect populations that threatened local sugar production, but their numbers have grown to untenable heights and they are now a local nuisance that all Hawaiians have heard of. 

While they do mitigate local insect populations, cane toads are also toxic to local plants and animals that we actually want around our island communities. Thanks to their lack of natural predators and ability to breed quickly, cane toads can quickly spread throughout communities and overtake properties. 

But with pest control from PTH, you don’t have to suffer these invasive toads for long. We specialize in local cane toad control that includes removal and future prevention, helping to keep them out of your yard for good. 

Learn how we can help you stay free of cane toads and the nuisances they cause by contacting us today.

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