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Ground Termite Control In Honolulu, HI

Ground termites are yet another termite species that can destroy your Honolulu home. Protect your property with professional ground termite control from Pest Tech Hawaii.

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Ground Termite Control For Your Honolulu Home Or Business

With Honolulu’s hot, humid climate, it’s no wonder that ground termites thrive here. Although these termites prefer damp, rotted wood, once they find their way into your home or business, they’ll make do with the dry wood they find inside your walls. Unfortunately, a ground termite infestation is not easy to identify since they spend almost all of their time hidden. As a result, these termites can spend months or even years inside your home or business while you are none the wiser.

If your building has never had a termite inspection, or you have reason to believe that you already have an infestation, contact Pest Tech Hawaii. Our termite control services will ensure your home or business stays termite-free.

Ground Termite Control From Pest Tech Hawaii

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When you contact Pest Tech Hawaii for termite control, we’ll begin with a thorough inspection of your property. We want to identify if there is termite activity in or around your home or business. If so, we need to identify the species of termites present so we can provide the most effective treatment for your particular termite problem. We’ll look for mud, moisture, and damage in and around your structure to get the information we need.


To treat and eliminate your ground termite infestation, we use a product called XT-2000. This alternative to tent fumigation allows you to stay in your house for the treatment and doesn’t require any major prep work such as bagging up food.

XT-2000’s main ingredient is a naturally occurring oil, which makes this a low-impact, and non-toxic treatment. It has wicking properties that allow it to protect the areas of wood directly treated and the surrounding areas.


Ground termite infestations may not present major risks to human health via disease transmissions and biting, but they are still very dangerous to encounter. These insects are constantly chewing and tunneling at the wood in your property, leading to severe damages, costly repairs, and the risk of structural collapse over time.

Convenient Termite Protection For Your Honolulu Home Or Business

If your home or business needs ground termite protection, Pest Tech Hawaii offers the services you’re looking for. Our treatment method is convenient for home and business owners because it doesn’t require major prep work, disrupting your day-to-day life. It is also eco-friendly, using natural essential oil to eliminate termites. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

Find out more about our Honolulu home pest control services, or look into our drywood termite treatment process.

Client Review

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I have been using Pest Tech for the unit I manage and my personal property for the last 3 years. They are always on time, makes sure to follow up before regular service, cost efficient and always friendly.

Jacqueline L.

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