How To Keep Rodents Out Of My Honolulu Restaurant

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While rodents may be a concern for Honolulu homeowners, they’re a much bigger problem in restaurants because more factors attract them, including:

  • Food scraps left on countertops and kitchen surfaces from food preparation
  • Stored food
  • Multiple unsealed garbage cans
  • Excess amounts of grease

Even with proper sanitation practices, rodents may still be drawn to your restaurant. Restaurateurs need to take active steps that prevent rodents. Here’s what Honolulu business owners need to understand about what problems rodents can cause, how rodents get into restaurants, and what to do if you’re dealing with an active rodent problem.

What Problems Do Rodents Cause In Restaurants In Honolulu, HI?

Rodents are more than just a nuisance, and they can cause several different problems for your restaurant.

Spreading Disease/Bacteria

Regardless of where they may be, rodents like mice and rats can be a serious health concern. These unsanitary pests have been linked to various diseases, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, and even the plague.

Since they’re after your food, rodents may contaminate the food from your restaurant with harmful bacteria as well, including salmonella.

Violating Health Codes

Because rodents put the health of your employees and customers at risk, having them in your restaurant violates several health codes. This can get your business shut down either temporarily or permanently.

Ruining Your Reputation

Even if you’re not dealing with the health department, no customer wants to eat at a restaurant where rodents have potentially contaminated their food. If a customer sees a rodent, even if it’s just one mouse or rat, they may leave a poor review online and significantly impact your restaurant’s reputation.

How To Prevent Rodents From Getting Into Restaurants In Honolulu, HI

As scary as having a rodent problem may be for restaurant owners, there are ways to prevent mice or rats from hanging around.

Get Rid Of Garbage Quickly

Your kitchen may be sparkling clean, but garbage bins and trash cans can pile up quickly in restaurants. Not only should you keep garbage bins completely sealed, but it’s also crucial to take your trash out regularly. Keeping your trash outside the restaurant can also mean keeping rodents outside the restaurant.

Keep Food Properly Stored

While you can’t completely eliminate a rodent’s food source, you can properly seal your food, so it’s harder for them to access. This means keeping food in airtight containers, freezers, or refrigerators until it’s ready for use. Once you prepare food, spills, crumbs, and other food scraps must be cleaned up immediately.

Keep Up With Landscaping

Rodents may be initially drawn to your restaurant because of poor landscaping. Tall weeds, grass, and low-hanging tree branches all give them plenty of places to hide and climb. Set aside time to regularly remove weeds, mow the lawn, and deal with other yard debris that may look attractive to rodents.

Take Care Of Repairs

You may not realize it, but tiny cracks and holes in the foundation of your building could serve as access points for rodents to get in. Not only should you patch up any cracks and crevices, but you’ll want to deal with any drainage or moisture issues that could attract pests as well. Sources of standing water, like obstructed or flooded gutters, can attract rodents.

When nobody is walking inside, it’s also a good idea to keep the door closed. An open door can look like an invitation to a lot of rodents.

The Most Effective Way To Handle A Rodent Problem In Your Honolulu Restaurant

Nobody likes rodents, but if you’re in the restaurant business, even a single mouse or rat could jeopardize your entire company. So, if you’re seeing signs of a rodent problem, you’ll want rodent control professionals like those of us at Pest Tech Hawaii.

With any pest infestation, especially a rodent one, we understand that your business is on the line, and we won’t leave until your home restaurant is completely pest-free. If you’ve seen rodents in your Honolulu restaurant or just suspect you’ve got them, don’t wait any longer. Call us at Pest Tech Hawaii today to learn more about how we can help.

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