The Ultimate Guide To Ant Control And Prevention In Honolulu

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Most households in Hawaii can experience an ant infestation. However, if you happen to see several ants in your home and leave them unchecked, their numbers will grow, and you will have to contact specialists in pest control in Honolulu from Pest Tech Hawaii to get rid of them. To learn more about the type of ants that can infest your home, the damage they cause, and ant prevention tips, continue reading. 

How To Identify The Type Of Ant Infesting Your Home

Check out the type of ants that can invade your property:

  • Argentine ants are light to dark brown ants that grow to about 0.06 inches.
  • Carpenter ants are mostly black, although some species are reddish or yellowish. Carpenter ants grow to about 0.13 to 0.5 inches. They do not eat wood like termites, but they nest in them.
  • Fire ants: These dark reddish-brown ants inflict pain through their stings. The worker ants grow to about 0.08 to 0.2 inches in size.
  • Pharaoh ants: These are transparent ants that grow to about 0.08 inches with a color range that includes red, light brown, and yellow. 
  • Sugar ants: These tiny ants have large black heads, an orange-brown midsection, and a small waist. Soldier sugar ants have noticeable pincers that make them look intimidating.
  • Thief ants are yellow to bronze-looking with a smooth, shiny appearance and grow to about 0.02 to 0.12 inches in size. 

If you discover any of these ants in your home, contact the ant control experts from Pest Tech Hawaii today.

Ants In The Home Can Create Many Problems

Ants are tiny insects that can create lots of problems. For example, fire ants sting, and when they do, they inject venom, which can cause localized pain. In addition, the sting can cause health problems for some people, especially those allergic to the ant's venom. Another type of ant that can create lots of problems is the carpenter ant. This species of ants do not eat wood like termites; they chew wood away to create nests in the wood. If carpenter ants infest your furniture and other wooden items, they can compromise the structural integrity of the items, resulting in expensive repairs. Lastly, when ants crawl over your kitchen surfaces and food sources, they can contaminate your kitchen items and food with bacteria. 

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Honolulu Homes

When you realize a few ants in your home, contact Pest Tech Hawaii experts to get the best ant pest control solution. A professional team has what it takes to discover the ant colony in your home before the invasion gets out of hand. 

Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Future Ant Problems

If you want to prevent ant infestations from happening in your home, below are some tips you should consider applying:

  • Routinely check for moisture under sinks and repair leaky pipes. 
  • Consider drying your damp attic, crawl space, or basement using a dehumidifier. 
  • Keep downspouts and gutters clear to enable the smooth flowing of water from the home's foundation. 
  • Seal off cracks and crevices where utility pipes enter using a silicone-based caulk. 
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs. 
  • Clean pet bowls and wipe spilled food or water where your pets feed.
  • Store dry pet food in an airtight container. 
  • Clean spills on countertops and remove crumbs from floors 

If ants appear in your home after applying these measures, consider contacting a professional ant control service near your home.

Ants seem to be harmless when you spot a few of them in your house. But when an infestation happens, the damage ants can cause can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. The most common ant species that can infest your home include fire ants, Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, and sugar ants. To avoid the damage that ants like carpenter ants can cause, hire the best pest control for ants from a reputable home pest control company like Pest Tech Hawaii. We are the ideal provider of ant control for homeowners.

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Aaron was our contact and was super good at explaining everything to our family. He was available and responded to calls and text messages through the process. The team was able to get the house fumigated super quick from quote to clearing the house to re-enter in under two weeks. Mahalo to the Pest Tech Hawaii team.

Kalani K

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