The Trick To Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Honolulu Home

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If you see cockroaches in or around your home, you need to prepare to remove them. These bugs shouldn’t be allowed to remain. While some types can ruin fabrics or paper, all carry germs and can cause illness. What’s even worse is that their populations are high in volume and their reproduction rates are rapid. Having quality pest control in Honolulu is the only way you can triumph over them.

There are many cockroach control products on the market, but they aren’t suitable to handle infestations. Find out why this is the case, and what options are ideal for stopping these insects. You can guard your residence and health with assistance from Pest Tech Hawaii. We know how to keep cockroaches away.

Types Of Roaches That Infest Honolulu Homes

German, American, brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches can all be found in Honolulu. German cockroaches are brown; some are lighter than others. Most are ½ to ? of an inch and are known for choosing to run over flying. American cockroaches are brown, with reddish overtones. They range in size from 1 ¼  to 2 ? inches long. As you might guess, brown-banded cockroaches are indeed brown. These half-inch-long bugs have bands on their wings. Oriental cockroaches have gleaming black bodies that are about an inch long. Since they’re usually found near sinks, piping, and similar, they’re often called “water bugs.”

When signs of cockroaches in your home become apparent, you’ll notice the following:

  • Discarded skins: Cockroach exoskeleton removal occurs as they reach adulthood.   
  • Feces: You’ll likely find stains or droppings around floor corners, surfaces, drawers, and door frames. Their excrement is usually dark. Some species have blunted, round feces, while others have specks.  
  • Eggs and casings: Cockroaches have capsule-like eggs and casings. Many are black, tan, brown, or red. 
  • Odors: Communication chemicals and substances from cockroaches are musty smelling. The scent and flavor of food can be changed by these materials. 

The most blatant indication of a cockroach infestation is observing these pests during the day. Generally, they come out at night. 

Roaches In The House Are A Major Health Concern

Cockroaches are linked with salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and many more illnesses. It makes sense, given that they travel through unsanitary locations, like alleys, sewers, and garbage cans. Furthermore, tiny spines on their legs can catch onto debris and they have natural bacteria on their bodies and in their waste. If they crawl inside of food packages or on top of counters, they can contaminate them. When you use these items, there’s a chance you’ll get sick. 

Removing Factors That Attract Cockroaches Into Your Home

Moisture and food are two main driving forces for cockroaches. That said, you have to manage these factors to make your home less hospitable to them. Make it a priority to have issues with moisture, like a leaky pipe, fixed. Only use containers with tight-fitting lids for meal and trash storage. Wash your dishes and take out the garbage regularly. Vacuum rugs on a routine basis to get crumbs up. To ensure that cockroaches can’t get indoors so easily, repair cracks and crevices in foundations, vents, and screens.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home For Good

“At-home” remedies and store-bought insecticides are not the answer to getting rid of cockroaches. These options are costly, but they aren’t worth the expense. Most items are fashioned for short-term use and minor problems. They can be a chemical risk, too.

We at Pest Tech Hawaii have safe, specialized treatments for cockroaches that are proven to be highly effective. Our affordable cockroach control solutions include perimeter barriers, dusts, baits, and more. The interior and exterior will be addressed. Ongoing visits are available. Give us a ring today for a free estimate!

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