Why American Cockroaches Shouldn't Be Taken Lightly In Honolulu

an american cockroach crawling on a kitchen counter

There are many different types of cockroaches, but in Honolulu, the American cockroach is the most notorious species. Honolulu pest control professionals are often busy with these pests as they are famous for flying into your vision out of nowhere and dive-bombing unsuspecting travelers.

What Do American Cockroaches Typically Look Like?

American cockroaches are large and grow up to three inches. They have a brown and black exoskeleton and wings. This breed is attracted to damp places and travels in groups. Typically, you’ll see signs of an infestation before you see them.

The most frequent American cockroach warning signs are:

  • A discarded cockroach exoskeleton is a sign of an active infestation. A cockroach will shed its outer shell up to eight times before adulthood.
  • The American cockroach is a big bug and produces large droppings that resemble coffee grounds. Their droppings carry dangerous pathogens that live in their digestive systems.
  • Ootheca, or cockroach eggs, are mixed with their droppings but look like a small brown capsule.
  • Smear marks are cockroach droppings and the substance produced on the bottom of their feet smeared on a damp wall.
  • They don’t make much noise, but they are nocturnal, and they tend to bump around in the night.

The American cockroach is considered an in-your-face nuisance and isn’t a pest that stays hidden for an extended period if you’ve got them in your home. So, what makes them come inside?

What Makes American Cockroaches Want To Come In My Home?

If we understand what makes an American roach want to come inside, we can explore how to keep cockroaches away. So, what makes American cockroaches invade your home?

  1. Sudden temperature fluctuations can lead to a roach problem. This roach prefers temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Changes in their natural habitat can encourage them to seek shelter.
  3. They are attracted to warm, damp areas such as boiler rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.
  4. They seek controlled sheltered environments with food and water sources to mate.

Professional pest control prevents the problem and handles any current or existing problems, but there are some steps you can take to safeguard your home. 

Can American Cockroaches Infest My Home?

Cockroaches are highly adaptable insects that can infest any home they can enter. Best practices include preventing American roaches from entering your home by following a few simple steps:

  • Inspect the perimeter of your home. Ripped mesh screens, cracks in the foundation, and old weatherstripping can allow roaches to enter your home.
  • Roaches are drawn to food, so keep food preparation areas tidy and clean.
  • Their number one natural food sources are mosquitoes. Keep those pests away to deter roaches. 
  • Discard cardboard boxes and clean out old clutter. 

If you find a cockroach in your house, don’t panic. You can take other measures to get rid of the American cockroach in your house.

How Can I Get Rid Of The American Cockroaches In My House?

If you find any evidence of cockroaches or have the pleasure of confronting one, give us a call! It can be unsettling to find out that even one discarded exoskeleton can mean that your home could be infested by American cockroaches this season. Call the Pest Tech Hawaii professionals if you’re concerned about American cockroaches on your Honolulu property, and get started on our effective home pest control service.

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